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Up through the ice

Kent Farney flies his highly-capable Velocity from southern California to Kansas. Along the way he picks up some ice.  A beautiful video with background music showing this flight from multiple perspectives.

Velocity featured in Mighty Rivers

Builder and pilot Dave Nelson helps biologist Jeremy Wade survey the Mississippi River from the air. They're looking for infestations of algae that threaten the fish population. 

Flying a Velocity to Oshkosh for AirVenture

Builders Mark and Nancy Riley fly their Velocity XL-RG, N929X, to Oshkosh for the world's biggest airshow. Co-pilot Garrett Hooper and Kathryn Roberts are along for the adventure.

Build a Velocity in 11 months!

Builders Steve and Susan Cabiroy show how they built a Velocity in 11 months. The video starts with the Head Start program at the Velocity factory, moves to the Cabiroy's garage, and finishes with the first flight at their local airport. An impressive accomplishment!

Visit to the Velocity Factory

An overview of the place where Velocity kits are manufactured, Velocity Aircraft, Inc. (AKA "The Factory"). Also, an overview of the builders' service center where kit owners can complete or upgrade their aircraft.

Year 4-5 of Building a Velocity

Builders Reiff and Melissa Lorenz have run a time-lapse camera in their workshop from the day their kit came home from the Factory's Head Start program. In this 4th installation of their video series we see lots of work on the cowl, engine, and electrical system. (A year of images are missing from the middle of this video due to a camera glitch that re-formatted the memory card.)

Oshkosh Arrival

Mark Riley posted this terrific video of the Oshkosh arrival procedure, including audio from ATC. The next time you see Mark's wife, Nancy, ask her if she ever got one of those shirts she was admiring!

Flying to the Bahamas

If you really want to have fun in the sun, there's no place like the Bahamas! Robert Ibrahim documents his visually stunning adventure.

Headed to Florida: The Booty Flight

It's time for 929X to get upgraded! Adding "booties" to the main gear, replacing the nose gear tube, and adding a shimmy damper. Another great video from Mark Riley!

Flying to Oshkosh with Mark Riley

From Pennsylvania to Michigan to Wisconsin.
Mark Riley chronicles his trip from home to AirVenture Oshkosh, with an overnight stop in Michigan to visit Andy Millin.

A trip to San Diego with Randy Ott;

How many pilots can carry 1,000 lbs for 1,000 miles on 8.5 gallons per hour?
Randy Ott takes his Velocity to southern California and documents the voyage. Wonderful video of the great flight. Note the incredible interior on Randy's Velocity RG!

Fly Over the Alps with Armin Zollinger 

Beautiful video of the mountains in Switzerland.
The towering peaks and beautiful valleys of the alps have never looked better than in this video from Armin Zollinger's Velocity.

More videos . . .

Archived videos are posted to the Velocity Videos blog.